Who We Are

Why choose online education?

Start Anytime and graduate in only 20 weeks for technicians, or 4 weeks for receptionists.

Get professional training for a veterinary career from any location, 24/7.

Clinical Experience is provided through hands-on training at a veterinary clinic local to you.

No matter where you live or where you go, we can bring the school to you.

  • Our online classes are easy to take – you only need a telephone and internet access. All classes are LIVE and interactive so you have plenty of opportunity to discuss the material and your incorporated clinic experience in a small class environment.
  • Free job placement assistance
  • Professional guidance on developing interview skills and getting hired in the veterinary field

VetField Experts

Kim Fish
School Director

The end-goal is to make graduates well-prepared and employable in the veterinary field.

Partnering with
Vocational Rehabilitation and DORS

Career training programs

Veterinary Technical Institute is committed to helping people with disabilities prepare for meaningful careers in the veterinary field. We strive to satisfy a real need in the community for veterinary vocational training, the employment of capable individuals interested in developing a career working with animals and supporting the staffing needs of veterinary clinics wanting to hire or develop professionally trained staff. Through VTI’s career training programs and job placement assistance, we can assist with the rehabilitation of qualified individuals. The streamlined curriculum and rich learning environment that we offer are designed to teach students employer-desired skills and help students gain the experience and knowledge necessary to obtain and retain meaningful careers within the veterinary field. The love and desire to help animals is the main reason most people become involved in the veterinary industry.


Job placement assistance
Here are just some of the reasons that recommend us

Why should I recommend VTI school?

Here are just some of the reasons that recommend us:

  • Short duration for optimal participation and successful program completion – Small Animal Technician (20 weeks) or Veterinary Receptionist (4 weeks)
  • Convenient online classes – easy to attend from any location, 24/7
  • Minimal technology requirement – only needs computer with wifi connection(also available at public libraries)
  • Small classes– ideal for students needing individual attention
  • Free job placement assistance – professional guidance on developing interview skills and gaining employment in a veterinary clinic facility

Student benefits?

  • Earn money while learning – students can gain employment with no need to wait for course completion
  • Become part of a well paid, professional field where there is opportunity for growth

School Facilities

Veterinary Technical Institute maintains an administrative office and library, and contains the necessary equipment to admit students, deliver lectures, and provide student guidance through both teleconferencing and videoconferencing, which is sufficient to meet the needs of the school and its students, and is conducive to the online learning format of program delivery. Communication with students is done via telephone, email, computer, or mail. Current and relevant books and periodicals may be loaned or purchased from this facility to aid students and faculty in further research for personal interest and increased knowledge. A list of available resources can be requested from the school. Library resources and information services are available for students and faculty. All hands-on training is conducted at a veterinary clinic local to the student in our laboratory and externship programs.

Program Delivery

Once students begin their guided online 20-week Small Animal Technician or 4-week Veterinary Receptionist coursework, they will meet with their instructor online once a week to review material, demonstrate their ability to comprehend what they have learned, verify course progress and work on their job placement until achieved

Enrollment Requirements

Student Enrollment requires for the student to complete, sign and return the Student Enrollment Agreement, provide proof of a high school diploma or its equivalent or pass an ability to benefit test (CPAt) with a scaled score of 118 or better and be interviewed by the school’s admissions representative to ensure their commitment to the program.

How the Job Placement Process Works

Students who have completed the registration process and received authorization for tuition payment through their Vocational Rehabilitation counselor for their program of interest will immediately begin job placement assistance through VTI at a veterinary clinic within their local area.
Students will be coached through the process of developing a cover letter and resume, learning interview skills and negotiating hiring terms. They will additionally receive guidance on preferred methods of achieving clinic placement.

Phone: (239) 592-1219
E-mail: info [ at ] VTIschool.com
3510 Kraft Rd, Suite 200
Naples, FL 34105

Veterinary Technical Institute is a private vocational postsecondary school licensed by
the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, License #1803, since 1995.