Staff Training – Following the Checklist

Staff Training – Following the Checklist

There are lots of training guides out there, including the staff training programs offered through my school. Even more important than the guide or the lessons is making sure there is an implementation plan.

Don’t accept what you didn’t inspect. In other words, train for proficiency and verify. All the time doctors and managers tell me, “I think that’s what they’re doing”, referring to some step the staff is supposed to take. Likely it isn’t.

Assumptions are dangerous.

Create a training priority list on job responsibilities, operational protocols, and technical training. Use tiered training and mentorship to implement, and make sure the work is being performed correctly through the mentorship training method.

What about Staff – Client Communications?

I’m a firm believer that we train our clients. We train them that it’s either ok to be late, or we train them to take showing up on time seriously. But just like for us, change isn’t easy, but it can come with commitment and consistency.

The same approach works in client communications. The messages we send, even figuratively, need to convey medical importance. We are indeed the pet’s advocate, taking on client education as a core means to get the client to “buy in” to the importance of the medical recommendation. From there, we communicate with an intention to schedule or proceed with those recommendations. It means you don’t need o feel you are “selling”. It’s then up to the owner to decline in the face of proper medical care. (Don’t ever say, “Would you like to…?”)

Sometimes the client’s finances are tight, but let the client work on their money and you schedule out as needed. They are more likely to show up in 6 months than they are to schedule on their own once they leave the building.

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