Optimize practice flow through Time Tracking

Optimize practice flow through Time Tracking

Here I come with the 3rd and 4th steps of our “7 STEPS to train, motivate and leverage your vet staff” article – it’s all about intuitive scheduling and staff communication within your veterinary clinic.

STEP 3: Optimize practice flow – patient in, patient out

It all starts with intuitive scheduling – thinking about the best fit for an appointment or procedure booking to make the client feel accommodated while benefiting the efficiency and flow of the practice.

Then there’s the appointment, one of the most common areas I train doctors and techs on in order to complete within the allowed amount of time, while being complete and accurate. This includes best presentation of the invoice and estimates to maximize client compliance.

It’s important that there is a fluidity of the patient visit, whether just for an exam, or for those admitted. The clear handoff from receptionist to room tech, room tech to doctor, doctor to tech and/or receptionist is helpful to both the client and the whole team. This will keep communication at the forefront, and the patient routed smoothly through the practice.

Note: Flow problems can sometimes be due to floorplan issues that need solving.

STEP 4: Hold staff meetings… that they learn from

Mini-meeting your way to staff compliance. Staff meetings don’t need to all be hours long with the front doors locked and the closed sign turned. It’s amazing what can be completed in 10-15 minutes!

Staff will remember more and adapt better to updated protocols when they are delivered in bite-seized pieces. It also gives them a chance to contribute to solutions (which is another example of leveraging).

Hold mini-meetings several times a week on schedule – which means they are a priority and are not changed. If you can’t demonstrate your own commitment to prioritization and staff communication, how can you expect them to?

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