Manage your time and prioritize your fires

Manage your time and prioritize your fires

We’ll continue today with the 2nd step of the “7 STEPS to train, motivate and leverage your vet staff” article and we’ll talk about the 80-20 rule.

STEP 2: Functioning in a constant state of problem-solving never allows you to build the infrastructure that will help prevent many issues from existing in the first place. There’s a certain amount of time that can be dedicated to “reacting” to issues, but in the list of priorities should also be time put towards developing and training on protocols – your blueprint to success. This should follow the 80-20 rule: 80% of your time goes toward development and 20% to everything else. Notice how you may have tended to give near 100% to reacting instead of building. Create a new priority list to help you navigate.

When you commit solid blocks of time to accomplishing the pieces of your plan, you will get far more done than doing little bits of lots of things that probably send you “chasing the tail of the dog”.



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