Staff Training Modules

Staff Training Modules

Provide professional training for your veterinary staff!

Veterinary Technical Institute offers Veterinary Staff Training Modules for your front office team, back office team, and practice manager. These staff training programs are specifically designed for group training, collaboration, and team support to improve practice flow, efficiencies and communication.

The bottom-line is better staff management and improved client compliance.

These programs are important to:

  • Increase staff competency.
  • Provide training support at the team level, as well as for management.
  • Demonstrate to your staff that your practice operations and culture are important to you, so should be important to them.
  • Assist in the training of new staff to your current protocols.
  • Create less drain on management time and resources.
  • Maintain work interest and enthusiasm for veteran staff.
  • Preserve the team dynamic and create engagement focused on thinking, growing, and adapting.

Select the modules that are right for your practice, and get your team members enrolled in a course model proven to create successful outcomes, with the curricula designed by well-respected AVCSuccess consultants—pioneers in veterinary staff compliance training.

Online classes available 24 hours, on demand ∙ Structured, self-paced coursework which can be completed quickly

Each of the VSTP modules are provided to the practice on an annual subscription basis for unlimited team access and review. A 20% discount is applied when all 3 modules are activated to encourage integration of the office manager module, which is key to creating the flow of protocol initiation, implementation, and compliance.

The modules use the following training formula based on leveraging the practice’s operational infrastructure:

  • Create clarity of operational protocols
  • Utilize an inter-office communications system
  • Form a new front office staff / veteran front office staff mentoring model
  • Assess and reassess staff compliance to continuously adapt to optimal methods of patient and client servicing
  • Use the Practice Management Software (PMS) to automate accuracy and efficiency

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