Career Exploration

This is a career you are planning for yourself, so know what it is you want to do! Is the veterinary field right for you? If you are still not sure if this is the right direction, know who can help you discover your true calling. A good school will have a career counselor who will assist you in discovering what career you should pursue, even if it means something outside of veterinary medicine. You should love what you do, so know what that is before you choose a career course. Here are some things to ask yourself. Start now our quiz and see what are you good at.

Partnering with Vocational Rehabilitation and DORS

Veterinary Technical Institute is committed to helping people with disabilities prepare for meaningful careers in the veterinary field. We strive to satisfy a real need in the community for veterinary vocational training, the employment of capable individuals interested in developing a career working with animals and supporting the staffing needs of veterinary clinics wanting to hire or develop professionally trained staff. Through VTI’s career training programs and job placement assistance, we can assist with the rehabilitation of qualified individuals. The streamlined curriculum and rich learning environment that we offer are designed to teach students employer-desired skills and help students gain the experience and knowledge necessary to obtain and retain meaningful careers within the veterinary field. The love and desire to help animals is the main reason most people become involved in the veterinary industry.

Why Job Force Centers Refer Us

Here are just some of the reasons they recommend us:

  • Short duration for optimal participation and successful program completion – Small Animal Technician (20 weeks) or Veterinary Receptionist (4 weeks)
  • Convenient online classes – easy to attend from any location, 24/7
  • Minimal technology requirement – only need computer with wifi connection
  • Small classes– ideal for students needing individual attention
  • Free job placement assistance – professional and customized guidance to develop interview skills and gain employment in a veterinary clinic facility
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Veterinary Technical Institute is a private vocational postsecondary school licensed by
the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, License #1803, since 1995.