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Easy to use eLearning platform for all diploma and Extension courses

No matter where you are, near or far, we bring the school to you

We provide an easy-to-use eLearning platform for our diploma programs and extensions courses, exclusively for developing careers in veterinary medicine.

  • Our online classes are easy to take! You only need internet access on any device
  • LIVE interactive and recorded lectures for all courses so you have plenty of opportunity to gain topic instruction
  • We are committed to helping you learn in your own environment, at your own pace

Vet Field Experts

Kim Fish, School Director

Welcome all you animal lovers (and friends of animal lovers) who found your way here, where we have been waiting for you! We want to help with your career development in veterinary medicine. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to expand your knowledge-base, VTI is your resource!

We virtually opened our doors 25 years ago with a mission to create a bridge between veterinary practice needs for trained staff and the people passionate about animals who want that training. Back then, distance learning was mostly mail order. We wanted better so used cutting-edge teleconferencing to project our live lectures. Fast-forward to today when we have the cloud at our fingertips. Students access their classes anytime, anywhere, on any device. And the clinics have a solid resource for finding trained staff hires, including on veterinary software.

Our curriculum meets the standards for small animal technician training and keeps up with industry trends, like managing curbside appointments during these pandemic times.

The curriculum development team comes from the educational field, veterinary medicine, practice consulting, and practice management software. We deliver optimal learning environments for both our diploma and extension programs.

You can get to know me, Kim Fish, the School Director, on LinkedIn. I am also the President at AVCSuccess, a national consulting firm, and the VP of Product at Rhapsody, a cloud-based practice management software (PIMS).

Now let’s get started! Join me for a live virtual meet-n-greet every Tuesday at 5 pm ET. Looking forward to meeting you!

School Facilities

Veterinary Technical Institute has an administrative office and electronic library in Naples, Florida. Course instruction is offered through our:

  • eLearning platform
  • virtual lectures – both LIVE and recorded formats

All hands-on training is done at a veterinary clinic local to the student in our laboratory and externship programs.

Training with Technology

eLearning Platform

VTI’s proprietary eLearning Platform was developed by specialists in online eduction deliver. We use the VARK model for visual, auditory, reading / writing, and kinesthetic learning. Verbal, social, and logical methods occur in the LIVE small virtual classroom lectures.

Veterinary Software (PIMS) Training

We specialize in cloud-based and server PIMS training using preferred medicine practice flows. Primary instruction uses Rhapsody. Other PIMS training based on clinic needs.

We specialize in Job Placement assistance

Students in our diploma programs are offered a special course in Employability Skills to help develop important characteristics required for “in demand” veterinary hires.

Students are assisted in developing careers in veterinary medicine by:

  • creating a cover letter and resume
  • learning interview skills
  • negotiating hiring terms
  • preferred methods of achieving clinic placement

The veterinary placement team works with a network of job coaches, veterinary recruiters, and hiring managers to provide students with lifetime job placement assistance.

Phone: (239) 592-1219
E-mail: info [ at ] VTIschool.com
3510 Kraft Rd, Suite 200
Naples, FL 34105

Veterinary Technical Institute is a private vocational postsecondary school licensed by
the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, License #1803, since 1995.